Todd Brown, MD, PhD







  •     Member, Bone Complications Working Group of the Inflammation TSG 08/19/08-Present
  •     Member, Immune Activation Focus Group of Inflammation TSG, 04/01/14-Present
  •     Member, Inflammation TSG
  •     Member, Exercise Focus Group of the Inflammation TSG, 03/25/14-Present
  •     Protocol Co-Chair, ACTG 5260s, ACTG 5318 (LEACH)
  •     Protocol Vice-Chair, ACTG 5280, ACTG 5303
  •     Co-chair, ACTG 5361s
  •     Co-investigator, ACTG 5257


Leadership Committees

Clinical Trials

P2001 (DAIDS ID 12026): Evaluating the Pharmacokinetics,...

TB is a major cause of illness and death in women of reproductive age. Pregnant and postpartum women with latent TB are at...

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A5354/EARLIER: Effect of Antiretroviral Treatment Initiated...

This study will include people who have very recently been infected with HIV and will start anti-HIV (antiretroviral) drugs...

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P1077BF: Breastfeeding Version of the PROMISE Study...

1077BF is a randomized strategy trial, which is part of the PROMISE studies (1077BF, 1077FF, P1084s, and 1077HS). The Promoting...

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A5346: Sitagliptin for Reducing Inflammation and Immune...

The purpose of the study is to evaluate whether sitagliptin (Januvia is the brand name for sitagliptin)...

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A5314: Effect of LDMTX on Inflammation in HIV-infected...

A5314 is a phase II randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled 36-week trial that will examine the safety and efficacy of...

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