Kelly Dooley, MD








Dr. Dooley is an Associate Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology, and Molecular Sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, with appointments in the Divisions of Clinical Pharmacology and Infectious Diseases. She is also a faculty member at the Center for Clinical Global Health Education.

Dr. Dooley has an HIV outpatient practice and attends on the inpatient HIV service. Her research focuses on tuberculosis therapeutics with an emphasis on Phase I or II clinical trials of new or existing TB drugs and treatment of HIV/TB co-infection. She is Principal Investigator or Protocol Chair for several clinical trials involving TB drugs for drug-sensitive TB or drug-resistant TB and involved in the scientific committees of the Tuberculosis Trials Consortium, AIDS Clinical Trials Group, and IMPAACT networks. She has a special interest in optimizing TB drugs for special populations, including children and pregnant women.

Dr. Dooley received her MD from Duke University, and completed residency training in internal medicine and an infectious diseases fellowship at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She is board certified in internal medicine and infectious diseases.

  • Vice-chair, Tuberculosis Transformative Science Group
  • Member, ACTG Tuberculosis TSG and IMPAACT TB Scientific Committee
  • Protocol chair, IMPAACT P2005
  • Protocol co-chair, ACTG 5343, ACTG 5312
  • Protocol vice chair IMPAACT 2001
  • Protocol Team Member ACTG 5338, ACTG 5300, IMPAACT 1108
  • Pharmacologist, Tuberculosis Transformative Science Group (Dec 2015-17)
  • Multidrug-resistant TB Working Group of TB TSG (Oct 2014)


Leadership Committees

Clinical Trials

HPTN 078: Enhancing Recruitment, Linkage to Care and...

The purpose of this study is to develop and assess the efficacy of an integrated strategy that includes feasible and scalable...

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A5342: Evaluating the Safety, Tolerability, and Effect of a...

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and effect of an experimental human monoclonal antibody...

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A5274: REMEMBER, Reducing Early Mortality and Early...

This study is being done in people who are starting HIV treatment and who live in areas where the TB infection rate is high. The...

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A5321: Decay of HIV-1 Reservoirs in Patients on Long-Term...

The study is being done to try to determine which factors contribute to the persistence of HIV (how long the virus remains) in...

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NWCS 408: Examining Longitudinal Cytokine Profiles in HIV-TB...

Using existing data from A5274 and data obtained from retrospectively testing available biospecimens, we propose the following...

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