Desiree Nock-Chester




Research Staff


Research Assistant


Desiree Nock-Chester responsible for QA/QC. Her duties include QA/QC of charts and crf binders, visit prep, creating laboratory requisitions, resolving queries and delinquencies, transcription, data entry, and maintaining error reports.

She has been a part of the data staff of the ACTG  at Johns Hopkins University for more than 10 years. She began as the transcriptionist for the unit and held that position for nearly 3 years. Prior to joining the clinical trials unit, Ms. Nock-Chester worked in the Wilmer at  Johns Hopkins for 9 years as a Sr. Patient Services Coordinator. Her  duties included registering patients for appointments, surgeries, post-op visits, verifying insurance information, obtaining referrals, and balancing out the daily intake of co-payments.


Leadership Committees

Clinical Trials

P1060:  Phase II, parallel, randomized, clinical trials...

A single dose of nevirapine (SD NVP) given to an HIV infected pregnant woman followed by a single dose to her infant has been...

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A5300/P2003: PHOENIx Feasibility Study

Study of MDR TB Cases and Their Household Contacts: Operational Feasibility to Inform PHOENIx Trial Design

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P1077BF: Breastfeeding Version of the PROMISE Study...

1077BF is a randomized strategy trial, which is part of the PROMISE studies (1077BF, 1077FF, P1084s, and 1077HS). The Promoting...

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A5346: Sitagliptin for Reducing Inflammation and Immune...

The purpose of the study is to evaluate whether sitagliptin (Januvia is the brand name for sitagliptin)...

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P2001 (DAIDS ID 12026): Evaluating the Pharmacokinetics,...

TB is a major cause of illness and death in women of reproductive age. Pregnant and postpartum women with latent TB are at...

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